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Stairs Stairs and Ladders Assorted Stairs Assorted Stairs
3 Lengths
Length 1 - 5.7m (images 1-2)
Length 2 - 6.4m (images 3-4)
Length 3 - 5.7m (images 5-6)

1x Length of 5.7m (1000mm) (images 1-4)
1x length of 4.5m (1000mm) (image 5-6)

Ladder and guard
1x length of 3m (420mm) (sitting on top of stairs in images 1-4)
1x length of 2.5m (420mm)
1x length of 2.8m (900mm) (image 2-3)
1x length of 3m (600mm) (image 4- white)
1x length of 3.6m (760mm) (image 4 - green)
1x length of 5.3m (760mm) (image 5)
1x length of 3.2m (600mm) (image 6)
2x lengths 5.8m 1040mm (images 1-3)
1x length of 4.3m 600mm (images 1-3)
4x rails 6m long (image 4)
4x rails 5.7m long (image 5)

1x length 6.9m 740mm (images 6-7)
600mm Stairs 800mm Walkway 750mm Stairs 650mm Stairs
2.7m long by 600mm
whole length 4.8m
1x 800mm walkway 8.6m long
1x 3.9m stairs, whole thing 5.2m long 750mm

1x 4.8m stairs, 7.1 whole length 650mm (images 1-2)
1x 5.5m long stairs 650mm (images 3-4)

920mm stairs Assorted stairs Assorted Ladders Platforms
3.8m long
Extension Ladders
Variety of extension ladders for sale. Good condition, cheap. Call Todd Ph: 9725-5050 for full details.


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