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3 Lengths
Length 1 - 5.7m (images 1-2)
Length 2 - 6.4m (images 3-4)
Length 3 - 5.7m (images 5-6)

1x Length of 5.7m (1000mm) (images 1-4)
1x length of 4.5m (1000mm) (image 5-6)

Ladder and guard
1x length of 3m (420mm) (sitting on top of stairs in images 1-4)
1x length of 2.5m (420mm)
1x length of 2.8m (900mm) (image 2-3)
1x length of 3m (600mm) (image 4- white)
1x length of 3.6m (760mm) (image 4 - green)
1x length of 5.3m (760mm) (image 5)
1x length of 3.2m (600mm) (image 6)
2x lengths 5.8m 1040mm (images 1-3)
1x length of 4.3m 600mm (images 1-3)
4x rails 6m long (image 4)
4x rails 5.7m long (image 5)

1x length 6.9m 740mm (images 6-7)
2.7m long by 600mm
whole length 4.8m
1x 800mm walkway 8.6m long
1x 3.9m stairs, whole thing 5.2m long 750mm

1x 4.8m stairs, 7.1 whole length 650mm (images 1-2)
1x 5.5m long stairs 650mm (images 3-4)

3.8m long


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